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Brief Introduction of Current Situation

Brief Introduction of Currents Situation



Our office is an assistant unit of the school administration based on principle of service to coordinate with the development of administrative affairs of the school to handle related accounting business. Due to the demand of business the accounting operation has been computerized to save a lot of manpower, and to upgrade the administrative efficiency, also, to build up the “accounting system and internal management and audition operation regulations” to prevent school budged from being wasted, cheated or non-economized use, in the hope of the school resources to be developed to the extreme extent.


Contents of Work



1. Prepare the budget:


Before each fiscal year is concluded, each department shall submit the budget for the next year based on general division and capital division, this office will prepare and appropriate the budget accordingly to complete the preparation of the annual budget of the whole school for the next year.

2. Budget Control:


Each department may check the budget control table through the accounting system so as to carry out and control the budget of different departments.

3. Handling all kinds of account books:


Organize and keep original vouchers and certificates, accounting vouchers, sequential account books, general ledger and detailed ledger, and prepare all kinds of accounting statements for approval.

4. Approval of all kinds of budgets:


The budget for purchasing instruments and facilities and all kinds of office expenses applied by each department, this office is responsible for classification of the budget items, preparation and evaluation according to the budget items, further, to prepare accounting vouchers.

5. Prepare the final statement:


The annual final statement shall be certified by accountants before proposal at school synod and board of directors of the school for approval, and then submit to the Ministry of Education for approval and reference.


Characters of the Finance



The financial status of our school is well organized, which has been highly accepted by evaluation team of the Ministry of Education, the evaluation is always listed at the top. Over the past decade, the administrative affairs of our school has prosperously developed and in order to adapt to the change of the school system, the school name has been changed to “Chia Nan Technological University of Pharmacology”. All kinds of large-scale hardware construction are undergoing, such as: Swimming Pool, Medical and Chemical Buildings, Department Building of Food, Working Safety Buildings, General Teaching Buildings, Nursery and Child Care Buildings, Library and International Conference Hall, Dormitory, etc., that can all be balanced on income and expenses that is truly uneasy.






Sound finance is the foundation to develop administrative affairs of the school, we will insist in consistent operation idea in the future to establish an integrated financial system, to strengthen up the financial internal control and to develop the management accounting function fully,which are the goal for our office to go after in the future.


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